Just a Little Caterpillar

"Romance has flaws but love is perfect" - Kim JaeJoong

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Was that supposed to make me hate JYJ? Who am I to judge these three young men on the decision they made? They chose freedom, isn’t that what most people search for and want? So they decided they didn’t want to be pawns any more and be told how to act or how not to act. You say it like them taking a stand is a bad thing, in what way is them wanting to earn their fair share or being able to produce their own music bad? They had the courage to do something most idols wouldn’t dare or even attempt, they knew it wasn’t going to be easy and based on the events since it hasn’t been, but did that put them down, no it only made them strive for more something I personally believe most idols lack (this being my own personal opinion, not meant to offend anyone). So do I think they are betrayers or greedy, the answer is hell no. I believe they are role models and people to be looked up to, I mean look at them now, they shine just as bright as they were yesterday, even when they have every reason to fade and collapse under pressure. Do I miss DBSK as five, yes I do, but seeing how they have grown, hearing the songs they’ve written, watching them shine in ways I have never seen before, no I wouldn’t change that for the world.

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